Sustainability, Health and Quality

With operations through the whole value chain from field to fork, Lantmännen is working to take responsibility for our impact on people and the environment, to develop businesses that contribute to a profitable sustainable development, and to make farming thrive.

At Lantmännen Cerealia we take our share of the responsibility for sustainability, which is about trust, care and respect. Trust, for our products - offering our consumers and customers sustainable, healthy and reliable choices. Care, about the environment - reducing the environmental impact throughout the value chain. Respect, in all our relations - building long-term relations and safe work places, both for employees and for our business partners. 

You can read more about some of the items that are important to us below.

Our Swedish Beans

In the rich soil of the sunny island of Öland in the Baltic Sea, we grow our Swedish beans. In 2014 we were proud to introduce beans of different sorts than the traditional brown bean – a sensation!

Since then, our farmers have been working hard to grow a wider variety of beans and lentils, like Borlotti beans from GoGreen and bean pasta from Kungsörnen.

We Create Energy from Residues

In our plants in Järna in Sweden, we produce breakfast products based on Swedish oats. The largest residue from our production - oat husks - is not considered as waste in our factories.

Instead of using fossil fuel in our boilers, we convert the husks to energy, which is used in production. Thanks to this, we reduce fossil carbon emissions by about 7,500 tons per year.

The energy created from oat husks is not only used in our production, we also use it to heat up 1,400 households in the neighborhood of the factory in Järna.



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